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Skydome Twirley Vent

The Skydome Twirley Vent is the cost efficient way to expel hot air from your roof cavity.

With the lightest of wind, the Skydome Twirley Vent will reduce the temperature within your roof cavity - reducing the load on cooling and air conditioning: save energy and power costs.  The  Twirley Vent has been designed and manufactured using Skydome's patented one-piece roof flashing, suitable for most roof types including corrugated metal, terracotta and cement tile and metal deck.   For aesthetic value, the Skydome Twirley Vent hand be coloured to match roof tones.

We also offer a range of options and accessories including intake grilles for under-eave installation, further improving ventilation and performance.

Technical details are available from the easy to download brochure below or contact Skydome using the contact us page.