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Skydome in Top 100 Brands of Arcitecture & Design 2016 Survey

In the December 2016 survey conducted by Architecture and Design, which is Australia's largest media resource within this industry, Skydome was among the top 100 of the country's most trusted brands.

The Top 100 Trusted Brands is a benchmarking survey for the architecture, building, construction and design industries.

The survey included 341 brands which were nominated, 13,456 votes were recieved in the fourth annual poll.

The primary focus of the survey being, excellent service, quality products as well as reliability, environmental sustainability and Australian made which are associated with a trusted brand.

Skydome is proud to be acknowledged as a favoured brand and to be recognised among the top 100.

In its 42 year history Skydome has transformed the perception of skylights as not merely a piece of glass on the roof but rather a leading edge system of connecting internal and external environments. Transforming the lifestyle by introducing natural light to the living and work spaces of its customers.

Throughout the years, Skydome has preserved the convention of being one of Australia's primary manufacturers and installers in quality skylights.

Since 1976 Skydome, Australia's longest established Skylight Company, has focused on a quality product, along with great service, ensuring customer satisfaction and hopes to continuously exceed these expectations in the future.


Skydome "Designed to Brighten your home - Naturally"


And the winner of the SIA Showroom of the year Award goes to...

Skydome Hunter Coast, NSW


MD of Erina, Steve Lynch accepting the award
The judging criteria included items such as;

  • The ability to connect to your target market
  • Quality of internal display
  • Sales and staff 
  • Products with energy efficiency

The SIA Showroom of the Year Award recognises excellence in workmanship, design, functionality and style of showroom!

Congratulations to our Skydome team in Erina!

Did you know Skydome also has showrooms in Seven Hills in NSW and also in Brisbane, QLD. For full contact details click here.

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New era for Energy Rating of Skylights.

One of Australia's leading natural lighting companies, Skydome Skylight Systems, has complimented the Skylight Industry Association for its endeavours in establishing an energy rating system for skylights.

Skydome's founder, Michael Bonello, said that the industry as a whole will benefit significantly from the Association's initiatives and that the homeowner will be the winner in the end.

"With power costs escalating, the need for natural lighting products to assist in with lowering energy consumption will become more necessary.

"With a recognised energy rating system in place, consumers will be able to install third party certified skylights confident in the fact that they will be able to save on energy costs in the long term," said Mr Bonello.

The Skylight Industry Association recently announced the official launch of the Window Energy Rating Scheme for Skylights (WERSfS).

The final approval of the Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC) to adopt the Australian methodology for the energy efficiency simulation of Skylights came in February of this year.

This methodology allows nationally accredited rating of skylights for their U-value & SHGC. The scheme is a world first as it rates the entire system not just the product and goes beyond other energy ratings available in other parts of the world. 

In time WERSfS will be expanded to include energy and performance ratings of advanced tubular skylights, such as Skydome's Skytube Intech and Skylights with optical lens technologies. Until such time these products can be rated by NFRC physical testing methods.

WERSfS will be underpinned by its conformance to the newly ratified AFRC simulation procedures.

AFRC president Tracey Gramlick says she is delighted to see the WERSfS finally signed off and that it had been the culmination of many years work.

Tracey acknowledged the foundation work for WERS for Skylights was carried out by Dr. Peter Lyons and Ian Bennie of Ian Bennie & Associates with approval of the Australian Windows Association (AWA).

"Software assistance and the interface to the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) was provided by CSIRO Division of Building Construction and Engineering. Funding was provided by the Australian Government & the Skylight Industry Association" Tracey added. 

Robert Cussigh President of the Skylight Industry Association said the AFRC approval was an historic milestone for the SIA as it enabled the launch of WERSfS into the marketplace.

Mr Cussigh said "WERSfS is independent of any one manufacturer and acts as a fair, rigorous and credible system for testing performance claims.   WERSfS-rated skylights must meet all relevant Australian standards.   The scheme forms part of the quality assurance that manufacturers will offer their customers.   It is all about certified performance."

The Window Energy Rating Scheme for Skylights (WERSfS) enables daylighting products including conventional skylights, tubular skylights and roof windows to be rated and labelled for their annual energy impact on a whole house, in any climate of Australia.

To participate in WERS, skylight fabricators & importers must obtain energy ratings for their products from a simulation laboratory on the WERS approved laboratory list and be accredited by the AFRC (Australian Fenestration Rating Council).

Tracey Gramlick said "The AWA is the sole owner and manager of the Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the WERS for Skylights program although WERSfS will be managed by the Skylight Industry Association (SIA) under licence from the Australian Window Association (AWA)."

Commenting, Skydome's Michael Bonello agreed that "the skylight industry, as a whole, should embrace the WERSfs rating scheme as the benchmark for skylights sold within Australia and use the scheme as a serious product marketing component". 

For further information on WERfS visit the Association's web site at:



With consumers focussing on reducing energy consumption and costs by investing in more environmentally compatible products for the home, leading Australian skylight company, Skydome Skylight Systems has extended their ventilation range with a new and innovative product.

With summer fast approaching, Skydome has just released a solar powered roof extraction fan, the Solar Powervent, which joins their range of motorised and wind-driven ventilation products.

It is a well-known fact that effective extraction of hot air from the roof cavity not only makes a house feel cooler, power loads on air conditioning are also reduced.

Skydome's new Solar Powervent hosts a range of features including 10 or 20 watt multicrystalline silicon photovoltaic collector (10 year warrantee), mounted on top of the extraction unit. This powers the 38.2 VDC Pittman Motor located in the solid aluminum housing, protecting the motor during severe weather conditions.

Powerful extraction is via a 5-wing aluminum fan blade with two options: 12 inch diametre for the 10 watt motor and 14" for the 20 watt motor.

The Skydome Solar Powervent is secured to a durable one piece seamless flashing for fixing to the roof, eliminating leaks. The flashing can be powder-coated to match most roof colours.

Once installed, and the photovoltaic cells are exposed and angled towards the sunlight. The unit will operate constantly and silently during daylight hours continuously extracting hot air from the roof cavity.
Reducing green house gases is something we all have to consider in every aspect of our lives, including our house.

According to Richard Davidson from Sustainable Homes NSW, low energy homes must be flooded with natural light which is why they use clear ventilated Skydomes in their bathrooms and opal non-ventilated Skydomes to light their stair wells. "We like the clean elegant design and the installation service of Skydome skylights" says Richard.

Sustainable Homes NSW is a specialist project home company catering for the emerging environmentally friendly home market. "All our homes are designed to be low energy users by being naturally cool in summer and warm in winter. Our homes also have a unique character and style not available from the big project home companies." Richard commented.

Skydome is pleased to be a supplier of natural lighting solutions to Sustainable Homes. To find out how you can reduce greenhouse emissions while enjoying a house of great character and style visit our web site


"Style, function and versatility" .. that's how Sydney-based interior designer Danielle Dunsford from dbdesigns describes the new glazed segmented skylight from Skydome Skylight Systems. Danielle's comments come after she inspected the new-style skylight recently installed at in inner-city residential project.

Skydome's production team were able to etch a design on to the glazed panels of the segmented skylight that mirrored the fabric design used in the space below, resulting in an attractive and functional natural lighting feature for the entry way. "The effect the glazed segment skylight offers is quite spectacular,"

"Dependent upon the sun's position, the shadow of the design etched onto the glass moves over the space below creating a dramatic design statement," noted Danielle. Skydome's glazed, segmented skylight was built to specification using sections of curved Heat Strengthened laminated glass sections 11.76mm thick, measuring 1800 mm in diameter. Heat Strengthened glass is some 2.5 - 3 times stronger than normal annealed glass

The latest product range from Skydome's specialised glazing division has three styles of segmented glazed skylights available - two circular styles and a truncated cone-shaped skylight. The skylight's glazing can be clear, tinted or sandblasted to any design.

The lightweight, yet extremely strong extruded aluminium framing system can also be powder-coated to match any interior and exterior colour selection. Apart from domestic use, Skydome's segmented glazed skylights can be used in commercial applications with diameters of up to 3.4 metres available.

According to Skydome Skylight Systems, Michael Bonello, the development of these new-styled skylights will give designers and architects a greater selection of natural lighting solutions. "The new segmented skylight range offers additional creative solutions for natural light use," "They have tremendous aesthetic appeal and design flexibility, enabling greater design freedom when natural light is being used as an adjunct to the design concept," he said.
A snapshot of our product range