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Bush Fire Rated Skylights

If your home is within an area of high bush fire risk, you must comply with strict building codes for all building materials including windows and skylights.

Skydome's range of non-combustible glass skylights comply to Australian Standard AS3959-2009 and have been assessed by CSIRO's Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology Division as compliant to clause C1.12(f) of the Building Code of Australia. To see the full assessment click on the icons below.

The bushfire/non-combustible skylight is normally supplied with 6mm/6.38mm thick safety glass, however thicker safety glass or other glass types are also available.

Sizes, glass specifications and options are included on our Glass Skylights product page.

Additional information on Building Codes, zone requirements and zone specifications can be downloaded.  See below.

Speak with your Skydome representative for full specifications.

For further product information or sales enquiry phone 13 14 24 (cost of local call).