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Skydome's range of roof windows, sourced locally and built for Australian conditions, make a stylish addition to any home. With a Five Star Energy Rating, every Skywindow is manufactured using Low-E double glazing and framed in attractive Nordic Pine. Skywindow's thermal properties ensure minimal heat loss during winter and minimal heat gain during summer.

The Skywindow is available in a range of dimensions and opening options. These options offer maximum ventilation and easy cleaning. There is also a non-opening model that operates similarly to a traditional skylight. A range of options and accessories are available including electronic opening, blinds and shutters.

For the ultimate in skylights is has to be Skywindow.

Watertightness is of course paramount when installing a window in your roof.

The Skywindow comes with a one piece flashing system, designed and manufactured for tough Australian coditions. It is without peer and recommended by every tradesman who has ever worked with them.

Whether you have a metal or tile roof we have a failsafe system for your application. We can even install a Skywindow on a flat  metal roof using our special pitched flashing.

For further product information or sales enquiries phone 13 14 24 (cost of local call).